Wednesday, March 08, 2006

A little about The Eccentric Poet

Soooo.... here i am starting a blog. Let me start by warning ya'll that I call myself the eccentric poet because i am a poet, and i really am an eccentric. my thoughts may appear disjointed and fragmented, but that's because they are. i ramble and digress ridiculously so please forgive me an allow me to ramble on, there is some point to my chaotic ramblings. another thing about me is that i'm not a big fan of capitalization and proper punctuation. so its not that i'm ignorant, i'm just living outside the box man. i'm livin on the edge of grammar. if you are at all remotely interested in reading what i write and have to say it is imperative for you to know that i'm an African American female and i'm sure that i will be discussing things that pertain to many different aspects of being African American and a woman. so, i hope that my future blogs to come are more interesting in this little introductory disclaimer. so just bear with me and i promise i'll let you in on the inner workings of the eccentric mind of a poet. i guarantee whatever i write will be anything but typical and predictable. believe that. let the bitching begin!!!!!


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