Monday, March 13, 2006

Insincere Dudes

Okay, now here's a subject that i'm very passionate about. for those of you who know the daytime identity of the eccentric poet, you know how serious i am about this topic. so for those of you who have no idea who i am or what the hell i'm about, let me bring you up to par. first, allow me to say that because i feel so strongly about this topic, i'm probably gonna come off sounding like the ever so terrifying "ANGRY BLACK WOMAN." i hate the angry black woman stereotype and all those that go along with it such as: bitter black woman, jaded black woman, and the worst of all of them the STRONG, INDEPENDENT, BLACK WOMAN. LOL so unfortunately, independent and/or strong black woman is often mistaken for SCARY BITCH. but that, my lovelies, is a whole other topic for a whole other blog. so back to insincere dudes. i cannot stand insincere people period. insincere dudes really irritate and annoy me because i feel like men, real men, grown ass men, should be able to get with a woman and/or gain the interest of women without having to pretend to be interested in something you're not. this goes hand in hand with empty promises, my pet peeve. insincere dudes are full of empty promises and are very quick to offer them as if they're precious stones. here's an example: let's say that some dude named deon meets some girl named keisha. deon approaches keisha and starts interesting convo with her and they eventually exchange contact info. within the first two conversations deon tells keisha how smitten he is with her already and how he really thinks that she could be the one for him. he goes on and on to tell her how he really really wants her to go to dinner with him and his family as soon as possible. keisha who is kinda skeptical politely laughs the comment off and changes the subject. deon is persistent in making plans for dinner with his family until keisha finally agrees and decides to believe that he's for real. so keisha who's looking for the perfect outfit to wear, asks deon what day they'll be going so she knows how long she has to prepare. deon evasively says that he's not sure just yet and he'll check. he then quickly changes the subject. keisha notices but decides to ignore that and keep going with the flow of the convo. a few days later keisha again asks deon when they're going to dinner and he responds by saying, "well, you know uh, we just met and we shouldn't rush into things, you know. maybe we can do that soon or something but let's just take things slow right now and see what happens before we get families involved and shit." this is a perfect example of my pet peeve, empty promises. my definition of an empty promise is a promise that is made to one party without that party asking for or even necessarily wanting said promise made by a second party who has no intention whatsoever to keep it. my point is why insist on making a promise that i never even asked for or wanted when there is no intention of keeping the promise? that shit is so annoying. what's the point? what's the purpose? which brings me back to my point, a real man should have enough "game" to spark the interest of women without having to resort to making empty promises and expressing insincere feelings. this is a personal thing to me because yes i'm thinking of one insincere dude in particular. we met, had great conversation, and serious physical attraction. we immediately became intimately involved, no lemme just say the shit how it is, i let him hit it on the first day. but after that everything was cool. he was saying how much he was feelin me and how he wanted to build something meaningful with me. he was still callin and jockin after we had sex and still making all these promises and illusions of grandeur. Ok so he tells me that he's busy a lot but he'll never just fade put of my life without a word or email or nothin' and that's exactly what he did. before that he took me out on another date and paid for everything and introduced me to his nephew, then the dude just disappeared. ok so i sent him a couple emails asking if he was okay and what was goin on with him and his career. he never responded so i called a few times and still got no response. ok so i recently happen to see him online and i send him a little note sayin that i'm happy to see he's ok and that he's not locked up or anything. i tell him that i had been wonderin what happened to him. so this dude sends me a message talkin about i'm jumpin to conclusions and he don't wanna argue cuz he ain't got time but he might have time to argue with me tomorrow. then he said he might holla at me. so i'm like what the fuck? wait a minute homeboy, who the fuck you think you dealin with? so i let the youngun know that he was not talkin to some li'l sprung naive girl. i let him know that i was just tryin to see if his sorry ass was ok, then i told him that i was not interested in arguin with him because he's not that important. i let him know i ain't pressed. he actin like he'll do me a favor and he might holla. LOL i let him know with a quickness not to do me no favors. i tell ya some dudes are really feelin themselves too much. insincerity is such a turn off and its pretty transparent.


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