Tuesday, June 26, 2007

i hate being alone

sigh.............. yes its been almost a year since i posted anything here. then again, its not like there's really anyone out there reading this. so i will continue to complain to the nothingness out there instead of people who actually give a fuck what i have to say. there's a new man. yes a new man in my life. he seems wonderful and great and says all the right things, but still i am unhappy. i am unhappy because he says these wonderful things that i love to hear, but i don't know if i can believe him or trust him because he hasn't really followed through with the things he's been saying. i don't think he really is feeling me like i'm feeling him or like he says he's feeling me. i feel so alone. so alone. no one knows me or cares about me the way that i need. its like its literally me against the world.


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